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Arrangement of plywood delivery

Address of the mill:

GPS coordinates: 57.052345, 44.909923
Shkolnaya str. 61, poselok Sukhobezvodnoe, Semenovskiy district, Nizhniy Novgorod region, Russia.

Drive way to the mill:

Requirements to transport:

Rail wagons 138m3: loading format: 54; 60; 64; 70 bundles per 1,25m3 – max 90m3.

40 НС containers (by truck): max load 27 bundles per 1,25m3. Max. 34m3.

Standard semitrailer 13,6m (83m3): contain up to 30m3 of plywood (24 bundles per 1,25m3 or 16 bundles per 1,85m3); Weight up to 21 tones..

Driver must to have at least 8 (eight) fastening belts to fix bundles.